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From private property owners...

Working with the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, WHC took on the management of a six storey house in Cromwell Road. The owner had no immediate plans to refurbish the property and therefore allowed us to use this property to house 11 of our tenants for three years.

The owner of this property benefited from letting the property instead of leaving it empty as we paid the council tax and water rates, did the day to day repairs and prevented the property from being vandalised or squatted and vacated the property at one month's notice. large estates

WHC lease over 40 flats on an estate near Bethnal Green, whilst the owners are waiting for funding and finalising development plans for the estate. We house 76 tenants who greatly enjoy living in the community around Columbia Road.

An estate of this size means that the owners recieve considerable income from properties that otherwise would be vulnerable to squatting and dereliction. By using WHC, the owners are saved from expensive legal procedures to evict squatters, and the community benefits from our tenant involvement.